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How to layer skincare?

How to layer skincare properly? Which are the must ingredients and products that you should incorporate in to your daily routine? So that you can keep your skin healthy, glowing, and prevent premature ageing, breakouts and other skin damage? With so many different steps no wonder if you are confused and question whether you really need all those layers? Absolutely yes. Because each step has an important part in keeping your skin glowing, healthy and younger looking.

How to layer skincare?

Step 1 – CLEANSE (TWICE) – wash away the dirt, bacteria, sweat and pollution that your skin have collected throughout the day / or night. To ensure you remove everything cleanse with luke warm water twice.

Step 2 – EXFOLIATE – Brighten your skin with a good exfoliator acid. LACTIC AND GLYCOLIC ACID break down the glue that bonds together the dead skin cells. So they can peel away leaving you with new and evenly pigmented skin.  I recommend BHA / SALYSILIC ACID if you have sensitive, acne prone skin. As Salicylic acid is anti- inflammatory it helps to calm your skin and minimise redness. Exfoliate weekly but no more than twice a week!

Vitamin C – Known as one of the best anti-ageing ingredient  on the market. Vitamin C is key to maintain a smooth, even and glowing complexion. Not only safe for everyone, but also hydrating, brightening, reduces redness and helps to fade hyperpigmentation. It promotes collagen production, reduces the appearance of under eye circles, soothe sun burn and protects against sun damage – in one word a MUST for everyone.

STEP 4 – HYDRATE YOUR SKIN with Hyaluronic Acid ( HA) –  Naturally produced by your body. But thanks for the ageing  and environmental factors the amount of HA in your body tends to drop by time. However it’s key to maintain hydration in the skin. So it feels and looks healthy and hydrated.

STEP 5 – SEAL ALL THE GOODNESS YOU FED YOUR SKIN BY CREATING A PROTECTION BARRIER WITH A GOOD MOISTURISER -Use a moisturiser that helps to repair the barrier and strengthen the skin rather than simply making it feel hydrated. A good quality medical grade moisturiser will always work on strengthening your protective barrier. And ensures your skin delays the onset of ageing or inflammation process. The results of which you don’t want to experience just yet. Yep, those are the wrinkles, broken veins and discolouration.

Always be sure to check your SPF! A good SPF should NOT be a Chemical Sunscreen that you may find in the department store. Or online. But a Physical SPF containing Zinc and Titanium, which protects the skin instantly and reflects both UVA and UVB. The most important part of your skincare and step to prevent skin cancer!

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