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Are microneedling pens safe?

When talking about needles your first instinct may be to cringe and run. But not all needles are scary, especially when it comes to microneedling. You may question whether they are safe at first, but once you try you’ll fall in love with the treatment instantly. Microneedling pens are safe and they come with a list of  skin boosting benefits that go beyond your standard facials. Rather than enjoying a healthy glow for a few days the results from microneedling pens will last much longer. One of the greatest aspect of microneedling is that because it isn’t a heat therapy, it’s safe for all skin colours and skin types.

How microneedling works?

Microneedling is a collagen induction therapy. Which uses tiny needles to puncture your skin and create small wounds on the top layers of the skin. Your body then react to this the same way as it would react to larger wounds. And immediately triggers a repair mechanism. As a result your body produces more collagen and elastin in order to thicken the skin, improve the overall texture, reduce pores and heal scars.

Are microneedling pens safe?

Yes, microneedling pens are safe and very effective too. The dermapen is a electrical device which is effortlessly controlled by your specially trained and skilled practitioner. Due to the multifunction of needle depths, your practitioner can select the most appropriate needle depth for your skin concerns as apposed to a roller which has one needle depth. 

The amount of needle channels you create is far less on a roller vs the pen. And it is far less ablative having the pen as the channels are less wide having vertical stamping rather than having a rolling method on the skin. Which can lead to further scarring if not carried out correctly.

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