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Are skincare products supposed to burn?

Are your skincare products supposed to burn? On your journey to a healthy and glowing skin you may use products that include potent active ingredients. When it comes to implementing new products with active ingredients normal stinging and a tingle is can be expected. However as your skin barrier is repaired and strengthened these side affects should subside. But what does this mean? Are they working effectively?

Are skincare products supposed to burn?

No, they are not supposed to burn, but you can experience inflammatory sensations to your skin after applying skincare products. The skin on your face has nerve fibres that are close to the surface. When you apply your skincare to your skin that is either not suitable for your skin or has a lower ph, you get a sensation. A sting is an inflammatory reaction to products that have been applied topically. 

Normal levels of inflammatory reactions. And burning is not one of them.

When we talk about stinging we are talking about 3 different levels. The lightest of these is the TINGLE, which is a slight sensation that indicated that something is happening, but it’s very mild and will resolve within a couple of seconds. A more mild sensation is a STINGLE can take up to 10 seconds to go away and may leave your skin slightly red or flushed.

STING is the severe prickling sensation that continues for more than 10 seconds and  even up to a minute. At which point you enter the burning phase and should cleanse your skin with water to remove the product that have caused the severe sensation. 

When is considered normal for your skincare products to sting?

  • Acid based products such as exfoliants, creams, gels and cleansers. These acids include salicylic, lactic, malic and glycolic acid. 
  • When applying skincare to compromised/ broken skin. Skin that was squeezed, picked or may have broken as a result of an injury.

When using skincare that was not meant to sting and is without active ingredients yet experience stinging you should consult your skincare practitioner for further advice. Usually this is something your skincare specialist would explain when setting up your skincare, so you know which products you should expect a sensation from. 

If any of your products  lead to redness, dry, patch and flaking skin you should also consult your practitioner immediately.

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