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How acne affects mental health?

How acne affects mental health? More than you could image. Have you ever allowed your skin to take charge of your life? The fear of being judged drove you to extremes that stopped you taking part in activities. Have your ever cancelled dates, missed job interviews, called in sick to work or even sacrificed time spent with family because of the fear of judgment? Acne is a common skin condition which many of us have struggled with mostly during our teenage years. But for some people, acne continues well into adult life and can have a serious impact on mental well-being.

How acne affects mental health?

In a world of social media the pressure is bigger than ever on our physical appearance. In a virtual “reality” when everyone exist behind filters, living with a skin condition can seriously affect self-esteem and confidence. Furthermore lead to mental health conditions such as depression or anxiety. 

But it’s important that we talk about our reality, where we all live with one or more imperfections, and that is all well! And living with such skin conditions will not make you less, especially when you tend to compare yourself to the edited and filtered images of celebrities. From my patients I know first hand how acne can have a debilitating effect on your every day life. Even to the most basic things such as showing your skin without make-up even to friends and family. 

Acne can be cured and managed

When you realise that your acne can be easily minimised and the impacts it had on your life can drastically change it’s much easier to come to terms with your condition. You know what you may even get spots time to time, but it should not hold you back. 

Just like every person is unique and there is only one of you. Your skin is also unique and your treatment requires a different approach. This should start from exploring the condition, getting to know what triggers your breakouts and what makes them worse. Acne can be an incredibly complex condition but luckily there is a solution for everyone.

To learn more about your acne and to manage your condition, why not visit us at our Oxford Street clinic, in Central London? My Expert team will start with a thorough assessment of your skin.

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