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Acne treatments for teenagers

Do you feel self conscious and embarrassed about your acne breakouts? Do kids at school make fun of you? And then you go online to be bombarded with the “perfect” images of reality starts and other celebrities? Little do they tell you how they all suffer from the same conditions but for them its easy to hide behind filters. Or expensive make up that cover their imperfections. So you shouldn’t feel any less than them. Especially when there are some many acne treatments available now for teenagers as well. 

Acne treatments for teenagers

With the constant pressure coming from social channels it’s important to know you aren’t alone. Acne can be a condition which can ruin your self-esteem and can even be painful. 

Experienced by both men and women from teenage years in to adulthood.

Although for teenagers acne treatments are limited to the lighter scale of medical skin peels, they can be life changing.

Epionce Lite Refresh peel combined with a daily skincare routine is designed to reduce symptoms, heal and soothe your skin. This specific range is suitable for all skin types and particularly sensitive, inflamed skin. The treatment requires no downtime, so your class mates would not know that you had anything done. You will see improvement in skin clarity and radiance. It’s also ideal if you are new skin peels and looking for a more frequent treatment to address your breakouts.

Beautiful skin should be a feature that everyone should possess without the need for filter sand thick layers of make up to hide behind.

To learn more about your skin and how to treat your acne why not visit us at the Clinic where my Expert team will be able to advise you further?

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Following your assessment a personalised treatment plan will be recommended to address your skin concerns. During your first meeting you’ll receive all the information and knowledge you’ll need to keep your skin healthy.

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