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Which acne face wash is the best?

Have you had enough of oily skin, constant spots and breakouts? Have you tried everything yet nothing seems to deliver the clear skin that you have so long dreamt of? Do you find that some face washes even irritate or make your condition worse? There’s no worse feeling when you put all your hopes into a new product and it lets you down. After all clear skin should be a given for everyone. But when you suffer from a specific skin condition not every product will be suitable for your skin. Finding out which acne face wash is the best for you can transform your skincare and restore your trust in skin products again.

Which acne face wash is the best?

A face wash is an important part of your skincare routine when you’re treating breakouts. Remember acne is a result of built up of excess oil, bacteria, dead skin cells and dirt in your pores. So you want to make sure your face is thoroughly cleansed ( twice) when treating acne. 

But not all skin are the same, and so its important to choose specific products designed to your skin type. To find the best product for your skin, you should focus on the ingredients used in the formula.

Key ingredients in acne face washes are;

  • Beta -Hydroxy Acid ( BHA) – SALICYLIC ACID – Oil soluble exfoliant that goes deep into your pores to clear acne and blackheads. I recommend BHA if you have sensitive, acne prone skin. As Salicylic acid is anti- inflammatory it helps to calm your skin and minimise redness.
  • Azelaic acid – A natural acid that helps remove the dead skin cells faster and penetrates into the skin to destroy bacteria. As a result a great treatment for acne and patients who have sensitive skin and if you suffer from rosacea.

Skin Perfections’ recommendation for best acne face wash

Epionce Lytic Gel Cleanser is a must-have for oily and problem skin types. It effectively dissolves dirt, oil and makeup, and calms the visible appearance of irritated skin without over-drying or leaving the skin feeling tight or stripped of its natural oils.

Key Benefits

  • Removes stubborn dirt, oil and makeup
  • Cleanses without irritation or over-drying
  • Refreshes and calms problem skin

Epionce Purifying Wash is a refreshing face and body cleansing gel formulated for daily use, suitable for all skin types. Formulated to. Remove impurities without disrupting the intercellular lipids and cells that form the natural protective barrier.

Key Benefits

  • Helps clear acne blemishes
  • Penetrates pores to control acne blemishes
  • Helps prevent new acne blemishes from forming
  • Powerful ingredients proven to treat acne blemishes without dryness or irritation
  • Artificial fragrance, paraben, SLS, gluten, cruelty and nut-FREE
  • Vegan friendly

Understanding your products is absolutely crucial when it comes to treating your acne at home. You should always consult a trained professional about the right skincare regime. Also the person who recommends you these products should be re-assessing your skin’s response to them regularly.

To learn more about your skin and how can you prevent acne why not visit us at the Clinic where my Expert team will be able to advise you further?

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