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Which acne leaves scars?

When you hear acne, you think of oily skin, spots and breakouts. But acne doesn’t stop there and if you’re unlucky after dealing with acne, you may be left to battle with scarring and even pigmentation as your skin heals from the breakouts. Life is definitely unfair and only those that have suffered from multiple layers of this conditions will understand your battle. But the good news is that not all acne leaves you with scars. And even those may be treated successfully. 

What are the types of acne? And which acne leaves scars?

Acne can present in many different forms. Just because you have acne, it doesn’t automatically means that you will get post acne scarring too. When acne is rooted deeper in the skin it takes longer to heal. After a breakout, your body will try to heal itself by replacing the lost skin tissue that has been destroyed.

You’ve definitely seen the most typical ones that are whiteheads and blackheads. These tend to heal smoothly most of the time. But there are other forms of acne that can lead to scarring. These are the following;

  • Papules – These are red/pink bumps that are painful to the touch
  • Pustules – They are more red at the base but get white or yellowish towards to top. These lesions are full of pus
  • Nodules – These are solid lesions that extend deeper into the skin. Characteristically they are larger and more painful.
  • Cysts – These lie deep within the skin, full of pus and more painful. This type of acne lesions are the most likely to leave your with scars.

Types of acne scars which acne leaves

  1. Atrophic scars – broad, flat & shallow depression in the skin. Their appearance can vary, but the three most common types are 
  • Boxcar scars – these are usually wider, deeper and have straight edges shaped like a box. Box shaped scars are caused by widespread acne, chickenpox or itchy rashes. 
  • Icepick scars – these are smaller, more narrow and deeper indentations on the skin. 
  • Rolling scars – these are vary in depth, with edges that make the skin appear uneven and wavy

2. Hypertrophic scars – raised lump of scar tissue where once the acne was, the same size as the acne that caused them.

3. Keloid scars – raised lump of scar tissue where once the acne was, however keloid scars create a larger scar than the original acne that caused them and they can grow beyond.

4. Post inflammatory hyperpigmentation After acne heals, it often leaves behind discoloured patches of skin, these are not scars and in most cases they will resolve on its own with the use of consistent sun protection.

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