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Are acne antibiotics bad for you?

Have you arrived to the conclusion that there is no other option but antibiotics to treat your acne? Have you tried all the topical treatments but nothing seems to help? With so many recent stories breaking about the negative effect of medications for acne it’s definitely something you should consider twice. Are acne antibiotics bad for you?

Treating acne with antibiotics

In London, you’ll find antibiotics are an available treatment options for treating acne. They can be prescribed by your GP or Dermatologist in the form of creams or oral tablets. The antibiotics eliminate the bacteria that irritate your skin, which can help to eradicate your spots.

Are acne antibiotics bad for you?

Taking acne antibiotics long term can be dangerous. Why is that? If you take antibiotics too long, it can allow the bacteria to develop resistance to the drug. This can not only make the medication ineffective for you, but it can also spread resistance to other bacteria, making them more difficult to treat if they infect you in the future. 

In severe cases antibiotics may be necessary. But you should try and find  the right combination of topical treatments instead. That will address the cause of acne in the long term and also prevent it from returning. Treating topically may require more patience and take longer, but in the long run will be more beneficial to your skin and overall health.

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