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How long does sun damage take to appear?

Have you been noticing discoloured patches, dry skin and more wrinkles recently? Yet, other people at your age, have a more balanced, radiant and younger looking skin, may be even no wrinkles? How about your skincare and sun protection? Have you been using sun screen daily? Or is something you only apply during the holiday season? You may be experiencing the signs of sun damage. But how long does sun damage take to appear?

How does sun damage your skin?

Not only it causes discolouration, the sun’s heat will also dry your skin out.

When your skin is unprotected the sun’s heat will dry it out. And depletes the skin from its natural oils. The oils that were meant to protect your skin and keep it moisturised.

How long does sun damage take to appear?

Technically you can feel the effects straight away. Just think of getting dry skin after a holiday? Sounds familiar? Once the sun has depleted your skin of its essential oils and moisture, the skin will look dry and flaky.

But there are other signs of sun damage that may take years to show. This can be premature ageing of the skin caused by sun exposure ( photoaging). In photoaging, the skin develops wrinkles and fine lines because of changes in the collagen of a deep layers of the skin.

And of course there are patients who report sun damage only years  laser when years of accumulated damages start to show as discolouration and pigmentation on the face, chest, neck or any other parts of the body. 

Can you reverse sun damage?

With a number of treatment options available for all skin types, sun damage can be a distant memory. But also a reminder to always protect your skin and be more aware of the damage that can occur. As each skin type is unique different approaches may be more suitable for your while certain procedure work better for other.

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