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How to prevent acne scarring?

Your battle with acne often can be an emotional waiting game. Waiting for it to get better and disappear once and for all. This could take years of treatments, skin care and loss of your confidence all in all. Then all of a sudden comes the realisation you’re now left with marks where the spots used to be. Marks that present a scarring or even pigmentation on your skin. Great, now a new battle begins. And while acne may be temporary problem acne scarring can turn into a permanent skin condition. If you’re prone to acne, let’s not wait until you reach this point. Here is how to prevent acne scarring when you suffer from breakouts. 

What is acne scarring?

Acne scars are marks that are left behind from breakouts. Acne scars form as a result of too much collagen build up where the wound is healing. They can present as rolling, box scars or ice-pick scars. 

Typically when you suffer from cystic acne and tend to pick at your scars, the chances of getting scarring is much higher. Picking and squeezing your spots damages the glands, tissue and small veins surrounding your spot which creates scarring. 

How to prevent acne scarring?

Although you may not be able to completely prevent acne scarring, you can minimise your chances of developing acne scars by following our Expert advice;

1. Treat acne as soon as it appears

As explained below scarring is the result of healing from acne breakouts. The quicker you get your acne under control the better your chances of reducing post acne breakouts. Seek treatment from a professional who will be able to recommend you the most suitable treatment to suit your grade of acne. 

2. Reduce inflammation

Large and inflamed spots are always more likely to result in scarring. Your aim should be to reduce inflammation and calm the skin. But also  avoid any products or routines that could further irritate your skin. Avoid rubbing your skin and definitely no products/exfoliators with harsh ingredients for you. 

3. Don’t pick, squeeze or pop your pimples. And also leave your scabs alone.

Popping and squeezing your spots may feel good, but it  could leave your skin with irritation, scarring, marks and even discolouration. Not to mention in the process of bursting your acne, bacteria and pus can spread onto other areas of your skin and stimulate further breakouts. And don’t forget your hands also come into contact with surface bacteria throughout the day. And some of those pore clogging impurities may get transferred to your skin. 

Popping your acne could make your spots even more visible and also slow down the healing process. In conclusion you should leave your spots alone.

When your acne has scabs it serves a protective layer while your skin is healing underneath, however if you pick the scabs too early the healing process may be longer and your chances of getting scarring increases,

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