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What’s microneedling good for?

While a few years ago microneedling only seemed to be a fancy new treatment being done on reality tv shows; nowadays the treatment has become one of the most popular and effective collagen stimulating procedures in the whole aesthetic industry. And one that become our patient’s absolute favourite at Skin Perfection; London’s award winning skin and laser hair removal clinic too. But is the hype about? And what’s microneedling really good for?

What’s that makes microneedling so unique?

Microneedling treatments compared to other rejuvenation procedures such as laser or skin peels has minimal downtime. And most importantly is suitable for all skin types. With adjustable depths at the practitioners control, you’ll experience a customised treatment with enhanced results tailored to what you’re looking to treat.

What’s microneedling good for?

Acne Scarring 

Microneedling can provide drastic results in improving the appearances of scars. The needles of the device create new collagen and elastin. However the added benefit of new capillary growth is also a result which can improve blood supply to the area which helps create healthier skin. While also providing a healthy foundation for the new skin. Microneedling keeps the epidermis integrity fully intact while treating the area which speeds up the healing time and causes less pain.

 Surgical Scars

The challenge of a surgical scar lies within the matrix of the forms/categories of the scars involving hypertrophic scar,  keloid scars and pigmentation flaws. These scars thicken over time. The device’s unique vertical stamping and depth control up to 2.5mm makes treating scars superior to other methods or rollering. With surgical steel integrity, the robust nature of the automated needle tip (16 needles total) penetrates difficult scar tissue. As a result dramatically improving appearance, texture, elasticity and size.

Stretch Marks 

Various treatments are available for the purpose of improving the appearance of  stretch marks, including laser treatments, dermabrasion, and prescription retinoids. Some cream manufacturers claim the best results are achieved on new stretch marks; however, few studies exist to support these claims. Microneedling uses the bodies’ natural solution for unsightly stretch marks. New collagen growth and stimulation is more effective for reducing and fading stretch marks. Microneedling does this through Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT).

Dermapens for appropriate treatment needle depth to activate the cascade of fibroblast and growth hormone to generate more skin, collagen and elastin for smooth and healthy coloured skin. The skin of the epidermis effectively thickens and becomes noticeably smoother therefore evening stretch marks is the result.

Fine lines and wrinkles 

Microneedling promotes a process of new skin growth through the science of Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT). The most effective way to stimulate or “induce” new skin is by micro-needling with the vertical stamping method. This new stimulation can be done quickly and easily while keeping the epidermis intact and down-time to a minimum.

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