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Can acne be caused by stress?

Have you been under an increased amount of stress lately? Have you noticed that as your stress levels increase, you tend to experience more skin problems, like more acne breakouts. And even hair loss? Can acne be actually caused by stress? Or is it just a coincidence that you experience more spots when you’re under a lot of stress?

Can acne be caused by stress?

Even though it seems your breakouts are linked to your increased stress levels, in fact, stress doesn’t cause acne breakouts directly. However research does show, that stress trigger hormonal changes that could worsen acne for patients who’re tend to suffer from breakouts. So stress isn’t the direct cause, but it kick starts a process in your hormonal system, that could result in acne breakouts, weight loss/ gain and even hair loss. The main hormone responsible for more oil production is cortisol which signals your glands to produce more oil.

Hormonal health is definitely very understated and a topic we don’t talk about enough. But to get your hormonal health under control, it’s imperative that you manage your stress levels. And aim for a more balanced life style. Get enough sleep, reduce your stress trigger factors and aim got get regular exercise into your daily routine. If you’re able to control your stress levels , which requires a very conscious effort and  life style choice, you’ll reduce your chances for getting increased breakouts and the fall out from hormonal imbalance.Only then your efforts of fighting acne will pay off, and prevent future flare ups, or at least reduce them. 

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