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Can microneedling help with hyperpigmentation?

Can microneedling help with hyperpigmentation? Have you noticed age spots, freckles, darkened patches or melasma? If you suffer from hyperpigmentation, microneedling can give you the chance to rewrite your skin’s history for a smooth, even complexion. 

What is Dermapen/Microneedling?

Microneedling is the insertion of pinpoint needles into the skin. These needles tcreate micro-channels for the purpose of triggering a wound healing response with intense renewal, repair, and rejuvenation. The pen like device freely manouvers across all facial and body contours confidently treating you concerns.

Microneedling treatments compared to other rejuvenation treatments such as laser or skin peels alone has minimal downtime. With adjustable depths at the practitioners control, you’ll experience a customised treatment with enhanced results tailored to what you’re looking to treat.

Can microneedling help with hyperpigmentation?

Pigmentation occurs when excess melanin (skin pigment) has been stimulated and was deposited unevenly. Dermapen microneedling is  highly effective for treating unwanted hyperpigmentation or melasma. Although the treatment is for all skin shades, it’t is a particularly a great solution for dark skin tones; where laser treatments may not be the safest option due to further pigmentation risks.

In addition choosing the right skincare will boost your results. Products like BRITE LITH and ANTIOXIDANT COCKTAIL from the Dp Dermaceuticals™ skincare range are brimming with pigment re-balancers to regulate and unify uneven skin tone.

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