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What acne spots do you have?

When it comes to acne, the breakouts can present in many different forms. To find the best treatment for you, it’s important that you know the difference between these. So let’s see what acne spots do you have?

What causes acne?

There are many different causes to acne. And in many cases you don’t realise that your internal factors such as how much you sleep, how much stress you’re under and what air you’re breathing in can have a direct affect on your complexion.  Remember great skin comes from taking care of yourself both internally and what you put on your skin. 

Acne is caused by the production of excess sebum. Which is an oil that stops the skin from drying out. This oil clumps together with dead skin cells within your pores, causing an acne lesion or spot.

These lesions vary in size and severity. And form when bacteria enters the pores. Triggering an inflammatory response from the immune system.

What acne spots do you have?

Acne can present in many different forms and grades. When acne is rooted deeper in the skin it takes longer to heal. After a breakout, your body will try to heal itself by replacing the lost skin tissue that has been destroyed.

The most common form of breakouts are the following;

  • Blackheads – small black or yellowish bumps that develop on the skin; they’re not filled with dirt, but are black because the inner lining of the hair follicle produces colour
  • Whiteheads – have a similar appearance to blackheads, but may be firmer and will not empty when squeezed
  • Papules – These are red/pink bumps that are painful to the touch
  • Pustules – They are more red at the base but get white or yellowish towards to top. These lesions are full of pus
  • Nodules – These are solid lesions that extend deeper into the skin. Characteristically they are larger and more painful.
  • Cysts – These lie deep within the skin, full of pus and more painful. This type of acne lesions are the most likely to leave your with scars.
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