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What acne treatment should you use?

Have you been struggling to find the right products or treatments for your acne that would not only stop your breakouts for a short period, but really offer you a long term solution? What acne treatment should you use to get your spots under control once and for all? And where to even start? 

Acne treatments everywhere

Spoilt with choices on the shelves of each drug store or supermarket, no wonder you feel lost and need some guidance. Many over the counter treatment are available; such as cleansers, toners, treatment serums, creams, spot treatments, scrubs, masks and more. Treating acne, can be quite tricky. And remember as each skin is unique, what works for your friend, may not be suitable for you. Or even worse it may even aggravate your condition further.  So before you choose your treatment, you should alway consult a trained professional, who will be able to establish your skin type, the grade of acne you have and advise on the best ingredients, that will calm your skin and treat your spot in the long run. 

What acne treatment should you use?

There are many factors that will determine whether an acne product is best for your skin. These factors include your skin type, your grade of acne, the severity of your breakouts and also life style preferences. If you are just staring your acne and suffer from severe breakouts and redness, your first aim should be to calm and soothe your skin. My advise would be to start with a lower strength acne treatment. This way you can minimise redness, dry skin and other skin conditions that come with acne. Then gradually over several weeks you can slowly increase the strength of your products. Which will help your skin to adjust to the treatment. 

To clear your acne make sure you incorporate these products in your daily skin care;

Beta -Hydroxy Acid ( BHA) – SALICYLIC ACID – Oil soluble exfoliant that goes deep into your pores to clear acne and blackheads. I recommend BHA if you have sensitive, acne prone skin. As Salicylic acid is anti- inflammatory it helps to calm your skin and minimise redness.

Azelaic acid – A natural acid that helps remove the dead skin cells faster and penetrates into the skin to destroy bacteria. As a result a great treatment for acne and patients who have sensitive skin and if you suffer from rosacea.

Moisturizer – Acne can affect your skin even if you haven’t got an oily skin. As a result of dead skin cells build up forms lumps on your skin. Bacteria can also build up and make your symptoms worse.  When your skin lacks moisture it will get dry and scaly. To balance the dryness, your glands start producing more sebum. Excess oil builds up in your pores and coupled with dead skin cells will block your pores resulting in pimples, inflamed spots or blackheads.

Exfoliator – Regardless if you have mild or severe acne, regular exfoliation will smooth and soften  your skin and also brighten your complexion. Exfoliation will also help your pores from becoming clogged with dead skin cells and excess oils. Which means it will also help to reduce breakouts. Although exfoliation is super important to keep your skin clear of acne, however if you suffer from breakouts and sensitive skin, you must avoid harsh scrubs, sponges and cloths that could irritate your skin. Instead of physical exfoliants you should opt for chemical exfoliants.  Chemical exfoliants use acids ( glycolic, lactic, salicylic acids) or enzymes to dissolve the glue that holds dead skin cells together without any irritating scrubbing action.

Acne treatments at Skin Perfection London

At Skin Perfection London we work with 2 medical grade brands Epionce and Dermaquest. Both of these have delivered excellent results for our patients. Choosing between the 2 options would be determined on your skin type, like I mentioned before. Remember treating acne takes time, and the goal is not only get rid of the spots for now, but calm the skin, reduce redness, control the oil production, reduce the spots and possibility of post acne scarring, pigmentation. And last but not least prevent future breakouts. So patience is essential when it comes to acne treatments. It may take two or three months of daily use of an acne product to see results. And your acne may look worse before it gets better,  but your consistency will pay off and you’ll love your skin transformation at the end.

To learn more about your skin and how can you prevent acne why not visit us at the Clinic where my Expert team will be able to advise you further?

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During your first meeting you’ll receive all the information and knowledge you’ll need to keep your skin healthy. Finally to manage your skin concerns your practitioner will recommend you  a personalised treatment plan.

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