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When acne starts?

Acne affects patients at all ages. Some may never experience breakouts or get a few odd ones during puberty, but for others the conditions can run into their adults years. Causing issues not only on the face, but even on different parts of the body. So there goes your confidence as well. Have you tried everything, yet nothing seems to work? Are you worried that the breakouts may never stop? Knowing your skin type and the causes of your acne will help you treat its faster.  So wen acne starts exactly and why?

When acne starts and why?

All acne starts at the same place, in the hair follicles, which is the small opening in your skin where the hair grows from. Each of these follicles consist of three main parts. These are the shaft, the hair and the final is the oil gland. 

The skin cells that line your follicles are replaced with new skin cells in every 28 days. 

When you have acne, the cells lining the follicle walls produce too much keratin, which is a protein that was mean to protect your skin from damage. When you have an excess of keratin it can result in your dead skin cells sticking together, making them harder to expel from the follicle. These dead skin cells mixed with the oil produced by your glands can form a blockage in the hair follicle. This plug of cells and oil is how most acne begins. 

In some cases the blockage can enter the follicles from outside, in the form of sweat, make up, oil, dirt or bacteria.

As the oil continues to flow from your glands, it can build up behind that blockage making it larger. 

Bacteria that lives on your skin or inside your hair follicles find the oily blockage an ideal environment and can begin to multiple. As this blockage grows it can create a tear in the hair follicle walls. As a result white blood cells rush to help fight the bacteria in the blockage  causing an inflammation of the surrounding skin and a pocket of puss to firm, which is made up of dead white blood cells, bacteria and other debris. 

How to treat acne

Treating acne requires patience and commitment. And remember as each skin is unique, what works for your friend, may not be suitable for you. Or even worse it may even aggravate your condition further.  So before you choose your treatment, you should alway consult a trained professional. They are qualified to establish your skin type, the grade of acne you have.  And last but not least they will advise on the best ingredients, that will calm your skin and treat your spot in the long run. 

To learn more about your skin and what grade of acne your have, why not visit us at the Clinic where my Expert team will be able to advise you further?

How to book an appointment?

As the first step of your skin journey  at Skin Perfection, you’ll be invited to attend a no obligations consultation. This will give you the opportunity to get a good understanding of  your skin.

During your first meeting you’ll receive all the information and knowledge you’ll need to keep your skin healthy. Finally to manage your skin concerns your practitioner will recommend you  a personalised treatment plan.

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