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Can acne be itchy?

Acne can be itchy for a few different reasons. The most common ones is due to the friction and dryness of skin cells that are the result of clogged pores. When your skin becomes dry, its nature is to itch. This isn’t only causing you discomfort but also inconvenient as in the case of acne touching your face is an absolute no no! The last thing you would want is to touch your face and spread the bacteria further. So here’s what you need to know about acne that is itchy and how you should treat these breakouts?

Can acne be itchy?

Yes, acne can cause itchiness, especially acne that is caused by inflammation. Inflammatory acne results in deep rooted and red cystic pimples, that tend to be painful and even itch. These pimples are often red, cause swelling and discomfort, therefore require a stronger treatment. 

Another reason why your skin can itch is during the healing process after picking at your pimples. Which is something you should definitely not do in the first place if you want to avoid scarring post acne. But if you did and your pimples scab, your skin tend to become dry and itchy.

How should you treat itchy acne?

  • Dont scratch! Not only will scratching irritate your already inflamed acne, it will also spread more bacteria that causes in inflammation. These may enter your pores, worsening your breakout and causing new pimples to pop up.
  • Be gentle with your skin and opt for products that are less irritating to your skin
  • Don’t over wash and exfoliate and avoid harsh scrubs
  • Apply gentle moisturiser to avoid your skin drying out and triggering more itchiness
  • If you can go make up free or opt for medical mineral make up that will aid healing instead of blocking your pores
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