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Can acne be a sign of pregnancy?

Can acne be a sign of pregnancy? For someone who never experiences breakouts can be the tell tale sign. In fact a patient of mine reported that it’s how she knew immediately that she was expecting; as she only ever had breakouts during her pregnancies. 

Can acne be a sign of pregnancy?

Yes, it does. Some women never gets acne while others who suffer from it may notice it getting worse during the early stages of pregnancy. 

Hormonal acne is not a term used in medical research or by doctors, but is commonly used by the media and on the internet to describe acne; in many cases, acne arises in teenagers who are going through hormonal changes of puberty. Those who are experiencing other hormonal changes, such as pregnancy or the menopause, can also suffer with acne breakouts.

Acne during pregnancy

Higher levels of androgens and estrogens that occur during ovulation causes an accumulation of sebum and keratin in the follicles, resulting in white and black heads. This reservoir of sebum and keratin also provides a growth medium for the bacteria.

The good news is that even during pregnancy there are certain skincare that are safe to use while managing your breakouts. Your practitioner may recommend Glycolic acid and Azelaic acid in small amounts(!); to help you reduce fine lines and skin pigmentation.

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