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Can hydra facial cause dry skin?

Can hydra facial cause dry skin? Many celebrities favourite treatment, some say secret ingredient to a glowing, youtful and healthy skin. Hydra facial has taken the beauty industry by storm and no wonder if you ever try you’ll only want more. It’s quite literally addictive. Who can resist having the smoothest skin you ever had with added benefits like a tightening and lifting effect; thanks the multiple different technologies combined in the treatment steps. But can hydra facial cause you dry skin?

What is hydra facial?

3d’s Hydro2 facial dubbed as the ultimate five star facial quite literally lives up to its name. It’s the ultimate deep cleansing and exfoliation facial with multiple technologies combined to also treat a range of other skin concerns such as; ageing skin, fine lines, wrinkles, loose skin, pigmentation, dry skin, rough texture and even acne, 

Can hydra facial cause dry skin?

The purpose of the 3d Hydro2 facial is to restore hydration to your skin. All while feeding your skin cells with peptides, vitamins and minerals. In the process unclogging your pores or dead skin cells and environmental build up. As a result leaving you with a glowing, rejuvenated, healthy complexion. 

But the treatment doesn’t stop there. If you are a beauty enthusiast, you will know that what you do at home will compliment your clinical treatments 100% and so skincare post hydra facial will be crucial to ensure you don’t reverse the effect of the treatment. Just like during your normal skin routine, keeping your skin moisturised is still super important and although the skin can feel a little dry and flaky after the treatment it is temporary and should only last a few days. 

Some of my patients reported flaking while other experience light peeling and dryness. But this went away in a matter of days while they kept up with their normal daily skin routine. After the peeling their skin was glowing and the smoothest it has ever been. 

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