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Can you mix skincare brands?

Over the past 20 years of consulting patients and talking about the importance of skin care at Skin Perfection; London’s award winning skin and laser hair removal clinic; there are certain question that I get asked almost every single day. One of these is whether you can mix skincare brands? Will it do any harm to your skin? Or will you get better results by picking and mixing your favourite products? Let’s dive in and see why you should not mix skincare brands.

Can you mix skincare brands?

My first response typically, is you can; but you shouldn’t really do that. And the reason is simple. When you mix different brands you often double up on the ingredients which is not necessary. And sometimes too much of the good staff can lead to the opposite results. So you should always look at the ingredients and understand what each skincare is designed to deliver. 

Typically when you use a brand, the whole range of skincare products are designed to work together in the right proportion to give you the best results. So I advise my patient to stick with one brand but invest in the different steps to get the most of their skincare, rather then mixing in different brands and doubling up on the same ingredients. 

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