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Is hydra facial painful?

Is hydra facial painful? When it comes to beauty who hasn’t heard the expression “beauty is worth the pain”. Well in this age not everything that is effective has to be painful. Thankfully! And to the relief of most. While the perfect skin still requires effort and commitment it doesn’t have to be painful. And hydra facial is one of these procedures. 

Is hydra facial painful?

You’ll be glad to hear that 3d’s Hydro2 facial is not painful at all and will feel like a real treat. During the treatment you’ll experience varying sensations depending on the technologies that are used by your therapist. However, the overall feeling is very relaxing, cooling and completely pain free. The skin lifting technology may trigger slight twitching due to the muscle contractions caused by the treatment, but this is normal and does not cause any discomfort.

Post treatment you may experience minor erythema (redness) however this is reduced due to the cryo facial that is used at the end of each treatment.

And in terms of down time – 3d’s Hydro2facials are are completely non-surgical, there is no downtime from the treatments and you can continue with your day-to-day activities straight away.

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