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How to remove an incision scar?

Are you wondering how to remove an incision scar? Where to start and what treatment is best? Scars are are a result of your body healing itself following a trauma. This trauma could be a result of severe acne, an injury or surgery. Regardless of the cause to find an effective scar treatment it can be challenge.

How to remove an incision scar?

Although there’s no treatment that will make your scar completely disappear, there are ways to diminish it. Choosing the best treatment for a scar, however, depends on the type of scar you’ve.

Effective treatment options for incision scar removal;

Surgical procedures

Removing a scar surgically is one of the most invasive type of treatment. Following the procedure your scar may look reduced in size and lighter in appearance, making it less visible. But with advancements in such procedures you can even cover up wider scars by taking skin from another part of your body and placing it over the scarred area.

Laser scar removal

A less invasive yet still very effective treatment. Skin Perfection is proud to offer the state of the art, FDA approved, Palomars Starlux 1540 Fractional, Non Ablative Skin Resurfacing Treatment, to remove unwanted scars.  The laser delivers energy in an array of narrow, focused micro-beams to create heat within the skin. The heated tissue within the columns initiates a natural healing process that forms new, healthy skin tissue, breaking down the scar tissue. This effectively fades and makes the scars less visible.

Chemical peels

These help to reduce or remove indented scars and uneven skin. During this procedure your practitioner applies a chemical solution over the area of your skin where scarring occurs. When the peel is removed, a layer of skin lifts away to reveal a smoother layer of skin. Chemical peels require multiple treatments and are best for surface-level scars.


Aluminium oxide crystals  are used to smooth away the top layer of your skin. A very gentle yet affective procedure for lighter scar and uneven skin tone.


The treatment promotes a process of new skin growth through the science of Collagen Induction Therapy. Microneedling is the insertion of pinpoint needles that create micro- channels for the purpose of triggering a wound healing response with intense renewal, repair, and rejuvenation. A great way if reducing the appearance of your unwanted incision or other type of scars.


For raised scars steroid injections can shrink the size of the scar. But also very popular are derma fillers to inject collagen to fill out the areas around the scar making the skin more even in appearance.


For minor scarring over-the-counter scar removal creams and ointments are a great option.

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