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Is hydra facial good for sensitive skin?

Do you have a sensitive skin that doesn’t tolerate most skin care products? And when it comes to facials you’re only able to have limited options due to the aggressive down times some treatments may leave you with? You’ll love to know that there’s a treatment for you. So let’s break the myth. Is hydra facial good for sensitive skin? Even if you’ve a super sensitive skin 3d Hydro2 facial will be a safe and suitable treatment with very little downtime.

What is hydra facial?

3d Hydro2 facial is a luxurious facial that offers the ultimate deep cleanse and exfoliation while restoring your skin’s hydration, vitality and glow. But what makes the treatment even more versatile is the built in technologies that can be tailored into your treatment plan and can focus on whatever skin concern you would like to diminish. Whether this is fine lines, wrinkles, redness, pigmentation, acne or dull, decongested skin.

Is hydra facial good for sensitive skin?

Yes, even patients with super sensitive skin can enjoy the benefits of the 3d Hydro2 facial. As opposed to most treatments that cause redness, discomfort or pain, 3d Hydro2 facial gives you none of that. The treatment is actually the opposite of discomfort. It’s a non invasive and non irritating facial that you’ll find soothing and moisturising.

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