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Will scar creams help keloids?

Do you find that your scars tend to heal slower and have an aggressive healing response? Keloid scars are raised lumps of scar tissue where once acne, cut or an injury was. However keloid scars create larger scars as overly aggressive healing response to the original wound. So what can you apply on your skin to aid healing and even prevent keloids? Will scar creams help keloids?

Is keloid scarring permanent?

In most cases, scars tend to grow smaller and fade over time. But in some cases, the skin can overreact to the damage and lead to scars that are much larger than the original wound. And can even grow beyond the original wound.

Keloid scars, which are typically thick and irregular, rarely go away on their own. They can be challenging to treat, which is why is important to focus on preventing keloids from forming in the first place. Often they grown for months and even years, also may chance colour and get a bit darker.

Will scar creams help keloids?

Unfortunately even after treatment, keloid scars may grow back again, which means their treatment is difficult and they may be permanent. Choosing the best treatment for a scar, however, depends on the type of scar you have.

For minor scarring over-the-counter scar removal creams and ointments are a great option.However for more aggressive scarring your dermatologist may subscribe you stronger gels.

Topical silicon gel is safe and effective treatment for hypertrophic scars and keloids. Imiquimod 5% cream (Aldara), an immune response modifier that enhances healing, has also been used to help prevent keloid recurrence after surgical excision. The cream is applied on alternate nights for eight weeks after surgery.

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