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How many hours after laser can I shower?

Permanent laser hair removal is one of the most popular hair removal options for removing unwanted facial and body hair. After a laser hair removal session, it’s important to follow proper aftercare to guarantee best results. And to reduce the risk of skin irritation or other side effects. One of the common questions people have after a laser hair removal session is –  “ How many hours after laser can I shower?”

How many hours after laser can I shower?

It’s recommended to wait at least 6-8 hours after a laser hair removal session before taking a shower; which should be cold or very mild. This gives the skin time to cool down and for any redness or swelling to subside. At Skin Perfection; London’s Top Laser Hair Removal Clinic; we recommend you to avoid hot showers. Also steam rooms, saunas and other activities that can cause excessive sweating for 48 hours after your laser treatment.

After the initial waiting period, it’s safe to take a mild/cold shower. But it’s important to avoid using harsh soaps, hot water, or scrubbing the treated area too vigorously. Gentle washing with cool water and a gentle, fragrance-free soap can help to soothe the skin and remove any remaining debris.

Other precautions post laser hair removal

It’s also important to avoid exposing the treated area to the sunlight or sun beds for 14 days post laser. Sun exposure can increase the risk of skin irritation and make it more difficult for the skin to heal. If you need to go outside, it’s recommended to apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen with at least SPF 30 and to wear protective clothing to cover the treated area.

With proper aftercare, laser hair removal can be a safe and effective way to remove unwanted hair and achieve smoother, clearer skin. To find out if laser hair removal is suitable for you, why not book a consultation with my Expert team, who will take care of you every step of the way.

How to book your consultation and what happens during your first visit?

As the first step of your hair removal journey at Skin Perfection London, we request that you attend a no obligations consultation and skin test. Firstly, this gives you the opportunity to learn more about the process. How does laser hair removal work? Why is it effective? 

How many treatments you need? What’s the best laser for your skin type? How to prepare your skin for the treatment? And what to be aware of before undergoing laser hair removal. Finally to confirm suitability we’ll carry out a quick patch test.

We are looking forward to welcoming you at SP. Our highly trained and skilled aesthetic practitioners have many years of experience, so you can be confident you’re in the best hands. And, you can be sure, you’ll always have a stress-free relaxing experience.

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