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Can you do laser if you haven’t shaved?

Can you do laser if you haven’t shaved? Laser hair removal is the safest, fastest and most permanent way of reducing unwanted facial and body hair. But with the treatment comes some special preparation and aftercare steps, that will ensure your treatment is as effective as possible. Following these steps will not only boost your results, but will minimise your risks of skin reactions. One of the most common questions people have about laser hair removal is whether or not they need to be shaved before the treatment. The short answer is yes, you should always shave before laser hair removal.

Laser hair removal destroys your hair follicles

Laser emits a concentrated beam of light which is attracted by the pigment in your hair. The light energy turns into heat that destroys your hair follicles. So the pigment acts like a magnet, and your hair is the transporter for the energy that ensure it reaches the root of the hair.

Can you do laser if you haven’s shaved?

You should’t really. Shaving before laser hair removal allows the laser to target the hair follicles more effectively. As we touched on it before laser is attracted to the pigment in the hair, so it’s essential that the hair is in tact with the follicles. But we don’t want it over the skin. If the hair is too long, the laser may not be able to reach the follicle effectively. As a result the energy disperses on the top of the skin, and the treatment may be less effective.

Additionally, shaving before laser hair removal reduces the risk of skin damage and burns. If there is hair above the skin’s surface, the laser can heat up the hair and cause it to burn on top of the skin, potentially damaging it.

Only shaving before laser, no waxing or plucking

It’s important to note that you shouldn’t wax or pluck the hair before laser hair removal, as this removes the hair follicle and makes the treatment less effective. Shaving is the only hair removal method that is safe to use before laser hair removal.

If you’re concerned about shaving, rest assured that it’s a painless and straightforward process. You can shave the treatment area the night before to reduce the chance of skin irritation. If you have areas like the back that you are unable to reach, please discuss with your practitioner and they may be able to book in for a shaving session 24 hours prior your laser treatment.

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