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 Is shaving good for laser hair removal?

When it comes to laser hair removal, a common question is whether or not shaving is beneficial to the process. The answer is yes, shaving is not only good but also essential for laser hair removal.

Is shaving good for laser hair removal?

The laser used in the hair removal process targets the pigment in the hair follicle. For this to happen effectively, the hair needs to be in the follicle, but it should also be short. Long hair on the skin’s surface can cause the laser’s energy to disperse without reaching its main target. Which can not only interfere with your results, but can lead to burns and adverse reactions.

This is where shaving comes in. Shaving before a laser hair removal session ensures that the hair is short enough for the laser to target the follicle without being distracted by surface hair. I advise all my patients to shave the treatment area 24-48 hours before their appointment. This way you can also avoid irritation from dry shaving on the day.

Can you also wax or use tweezers before laser?

Please avoid these at all costs. It’s important to note that only shaving is recommended. Other hair removal methods such as waxing, plucking, or threading remove the hair from the follicle, leaving nothing for the laser to target.

Laser hair removal in London

Finding a reputable laser hair removal clinic, like those in London, can provide you with comprehensive pre-treatment advice and a personalized plan to ensure the best results. With the help of a laser hair removal expert, you can navigate the dos and don’ts of prepping for your session.

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