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What should I apply immediately after laser?

What should I apply immediately after laser? Embark on a post-laser skincare journey with our latest blog post. And gain expert insights into soothing and rejuvenating your skin post-treatment, enhancing recovery, and maintaining results. Don’t miss these key skincare tips to make the most of your laser procedure.

Post-Treatment Care: An essential part of safe laser hair removal

Safe laser hair removal doesn’t just stop at the laser’s light. Your skin’s journey continues even after you’ve left the confines of our clinic. Much like how you’d apply a nourishing mask after a deep facial cleanse, your skin also needs a particular kind of care post-laser treatment.

What should I apply immediately after laser?

Immediately after laser hair removal, it is recommended to apply a gentle, soothing, and fragrance-free lotion or cream to help calm any temporary redness, swelling, or irritation. Aloe vera, often a top choice, is known for its anti-inflammatory properties. Avoid using any products that contain harsh chemicals, dyes, or strong fragrances as these can cause further irritation to the treated area.

Why Skin Perfection is Your Go-To Laser Hair Removal Expert

At Skin Perfection, we pride ourselves on being the go-to laser hair removal experts in London. We ensure our patients understand not just the laser hair removal process itself, but also the crucial aftercare routine. Education is integral to our approach, which sets us apart as the best laser hair removal clinic.

A significant part of our aftercare advice focuses on the importance of moisturising and using sunscreen. Moisturising helps soothe and hydrate the skin, enhancing its healing process, while sunscreen protects the skin from sun exposure, which can cause hyperpigmentation on the recently treated area.

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