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Does laser hair removal at home really work?

The market for at-home beauty treatments has seen a surge, and laser hair removal devices are no exception. However, many people wonder, “Does laser hair removal at home really work?” To answer this question, we’ll delve into the differences between professional and at-home treatments. Particularly focusing on effectiveness, safety, and quality.

Does laser hair removal at home really work?

While at-home devices promise the convenience of laser hair removal in your own space, their effectiveness pales in comparison to professional treatments. Home devices are generally less powerful, requiring more frequent treatments for less noticeable results. Many devices are produced in China where there is no legal liability. Therefore, if the device ends up causing harm or damage,  there is no come-back for the consumer.

I have seen many different devices that are being advertised by well known beauty brands as “ at home laser” hair removal devices. However you can never put these in the same class as you would recognise a medical grade laser machine. I am talking about the gold standard ones like Cynosure, Candela or Soprano.

Why professional is always better

Safety is a paramount concern when it comes to laser treatments. At-home devices can pose risks if not used correctly, including skin burns and pigment changes. Safe laser hair removal, especially when performed by qualified technicians, is the safest route to achieving hair-free skin.

You also have to consider that the user at home has had no formal training or education on how to treat the skin with laser. Or to be certain whether there are any contraindications. Which means that these machines are definitely not the safest options for you.

Cheap at-home use devices are never going to be a substitute for a medical-grade, proven laser device. Nor will it replace the expertise that you would receive at a specialist clinic.

Quality and safety over convenience

If you are someone who doesn’t mind investing in quality self-care, opting for professional laser hair removal is the wisest choice. While at-home devices may offer convenience, they lack the effectiveness and safety measures that come with professional treatment.

When it comes to safe laser hair removal, cutting corners to save time or money can often lead to disappointment. Or worse, skin issues. So, does laser hair removal at home really work? Technically, yes—but it’s no match for the safety and efficacy of the best laser hair removal services available in London.

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