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How can I speed up shedding after laser hair removal?

How can I speed up shedding after laser hair removal? Getting rid of unwanted hair has never been easier, thanks to laser hair removal in London. This medical grade, safe laser hair removal procedure can leave you feeling confident and free from the daily grind of shaving. Not to mention the pain and embarrassment of ingrown hairs or hormonal facial hair conditions. But after the treatment, how can you speed up the shedding process to reveal smoother, hair-free skin faster? Here’s what you need to know.

The natural shedding process: What to expect

After undergoing laser hair removal, the treated hair doesn’t vanish immediately. Instead, the follicles enter a ‘shedding phase,’ where they slowly fall out over a couple of weeks. Some patients, who prioritize quality and safety in their self-care regimes, might wonder how to hasten this shedding process. While you can’t dramatically speed up natural processes, you can take certain steps to assist it.

How can I speed up shedding after laser hair removal?

  • Exfoliate gently: Two to three days after your treatment, start gentle exfoliation to help remove dead skin cells and expedite hair shedding. Use a soft washcloth or an exfoliating scrub designed for sensitive skin. If you have sensitive skin and it takes longer for your skin to return to normal  you may want to wait a few more days before exfoliating.
  • Moisturise: Keep your skin hydrated with a high-quality, fragrance-free moisturiser. This makes it easier for the shedding hair to push through the skin.
  • Avoid hair removal methods: Resist the temptation to use tweezers, wax, or other hair removal methods on the treated area. As this can disrupt the natural shedding process and even irritate your skin.
  • Consult your practitioner: Follow any aftercare advice given by your laser hair removal practitioner to ensure a smooth and quick shedding process.

By choosing safe laser hair removal and following these tips, you’re on your way to enjoying long-lasting results that are well worth the investment. After all, when it comes to self-care, quality and safety should always be your top priorities.

Here at Skin Perfection, we specialize in providing the best laser hair removal in London. With our state-of-the-art technology and commitment to patient satisfaction, you can trust us to deliver effective and safe results.

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