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Why can’t you exercise after laser?

In the fast-paced life of the modern world, many men and women are looking for efficient and lasting solutions to deal with unwanted hair. The struggles with time-consuming shaving, the discomfort of ingrowing hairs, and the embarrassment caused by facial hair due to hormonal conditions are real. This is where the magic of laser hair removal comes into play. Renowned as the best laser hair removal method in London, this procedure offers an elegant and luxurious solution to these challenges. But there are certain rules you must follow post treatment. One of these is to refrain from exercising immediately after the procedure. Let me explain why can’t you exercise after laser?

The science behind laser hair removal

Laser hair removal uses a concentrated beam of light to target and destroy hair follicles. The pigment in the hair shaft absorbs this light, which in turn damages the follicle, inhibiting future hair growth. It’s a safe laser hair removal technique that has been perfected over the years.

While the procedure itself is quick and efficient, the skin may experience mild side effects. Such as redness, swelling, or sensitivity in the treated areas. This brings us to our main topic.

Why can’t you exercise after laser?

After undergoing laser hair removal, the skin needs adequate time to recover. Here are the reasons why exercise is not ideal post-treatment:

  • Increased Blood Flow: Exercising increases blood flow to the skin, which can intensify the redness and swelling experienced after laser treatment. This might prolong the healing process.
  • Sweating: Sweat can irritate the freshly treated skin. The salt content in sweat can exacerbate any mild discomfort or itching in the treated areas.
  • Friction: Activities that cause friction, like running, can further irritate sensitive skin post-treatment.
  • Heat production: Exercise generates heat. Increased body heat after a laser session can cause discomfort and potentially lead to skin complications.
  • Risk of bacteria: Gyms, in particular, can be a breeding ground for bacteria. Post laser hair removal, the skin’s protective barrier is slightly compromised, making it more susceptible to bacterial infections.

Laser hair removal in London stands as a testament to the luxurious and quality treatments that men and women with discerning tastes desire. It offers a superior, safe, and lasting solution to unwanted hair. However, to ensure the best outcomes and maintain the integrity of the treatment, it’s essential to follow post-procedure care guidelines, including taking a short 48 hours break from exercise. By understanding and adhering to these guidelines, you can enjoy smooth, hair-free skin without any complications.

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