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Beauty Bar Prices*

All facials are booked first by a mini Skin Health Check to enable your skin therapist to select the correct procedure for your skin, using the state of the art Skin Observ, checking what your skin is most in need of at no extra charge.
SP's bespoke Dermaquest Prescriptive facials
(approx 30 mins)
Whether you have breakouts, pigmentation, scars, sun damage, ageing, dull, dry, oily, or just dehydrated skin your therapist will select what you are most in need of. Receive a cleanse, exfoliation, treatment mask/peel, mini massage, followed by serums and moisturiser, with SPF£69
Add LED light therapy for only £10 extra (See LED page)
SP's Epionce Ultimate Recovery Facial
(approx 30mins)
for those with distressed, sensitised or compromised skins that need recovering and calming. Award winning Ingredients and products designed by One of the USA's top Dermatologists to relive inflamed symptoms such as acne, rosacea, eczema or psoriasis. Receive a cleanse, treatment mask, mini massage, followed by red LED light therapy to further reduce the inflammation, finishing off with soothing serums, moisturisers- and SPF to protect your skin.£69

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