Hyperpigmentation treatment London

Hyperpigmentation treatment London

Are you looking to reduce or remove dark patches of skin including sun spots and age spots? Contact us to find out about hyperpigmentation treatment in London

Maybe you have unwanted pigmentation due to hormones or breakouts. Perhaps you can see brown patches of skin from too much sun exposure. At Skin Perfection, we can help you find a pigmentation treatment that will give you a healthier-looking, more even skin tone. 

We are a team of skin care experts and laser treatment specialists in London. We aim to find you the right targeted skin pigmentation treatment to help you feel good about the skin you’re in. Take your first steps to a brighter complexion by booking a consultation. 


What is Hyperpigmentation?

Skin pigmentation refers to and describes the colour of your skin. It is determined by a pigment known as melanin. This is a substance that gives your skin its colour. Typically, the more melanin you have, the darker your skin colour is. 


Hyperpigmentation causes dark patches of skin to appear. It can appear in just one area of your body such as your face, or on different areas of your body.


Skin discolouration from hyperpigmentation can show as brown, black, grey, red or pink spots.  The most common types of dark spots or patches that appear on your skin are:


  •       Freckles
  •       Sun spots
  •       Age spots or liver spots


What causes changes in skin pigmentation?

Melanin, the substance that gives your skin its colour, is made by skin cells in your body. When these skin cells become unhealthy or damaged it can result in changes in melanin production.

When the skin cells that make melanin become damaged or unhealthy, it can change the level of melanin production in your skin. Damage to these skin cells causes excess melanin, which can clump and form darker patches of skin.

The main causes of hyperpigmentation

  •       Excess sun exposure causing sun damage to the skin
  •       Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation – a skin injury including acne or burns
  •       Hormonal changes during pregnancy or from ageing
  •       Genetics
  •       Melasma – a skin condition that occurs from changes in hormones or too much sun 


The best-targeted skin pigmentation treatments in London

What is the best way to treat hyperpigmentation? This is where there is not a one size fits all treatment option. 

When you attend your initial consultation at our London skin clinic, you will have a full skin assessment with one of our practitioners. From this, they will be able to see what treatment will work best for your skin type and pigmentation concerns.

At Skin Perfection, we provide a range of hyperpigmentation treatment options. They will include one or a combination of the following:

Laser photo-facial skin rejuvenation treatment


Our laser photo-facial treatment is ideal for treating skin pigmentation issues. Not only is it great for reversing sun damage on your skin, but it also helps to treat inflammation, redness and an uneven skin tone. 


It uses a specific amount of light energy to target brown patches of skin (sun damage) or red spots (thread veins and rosacea). The heat from the laser helps to tighten your skin, while also stimulating the production of collagen and elastin. 


This laser treatment is not suitable for very dark-skinned people. If you have a darker skin tone, our practitioners will talk to you about other available treatments.


Benefits of this treatment


  •       Comfortable treatment
  •       Works to tackle skin concerns on the surface and deep layers of your skin
  •       Minimal downtime
  •       Helps give you glowing and radiant-looking skin
  •       Works well with chemical skin peels to enhance your results


Chemical skin peels

Chemical peels or skin peels work well with laser treatments to help boost your results. Skin peels come in different strengths which means they can target different forms of skin pigmentation. 

Lighter chemical peels are good for surface-level skin pigmentation. Deep skin peels on the other hand, work better on skin issues such as sun damage. By the end of your course of treatments, you will see a healthier-looking and balanced skin colour. 

Lighter skin peels are good for all skin types. Deeper chemical skin peels may not work for darker skin tones. Please speak to our skin specialists before going forward with any treatment.  

Benefits of this treatment

  •       Skin peels work well on their own and when combined with other treatments
  •       Balance skin tone and texture
  •       Reduce signs of skin discolouration and skin pigmentation
  •       Can work on most skin types including sensitive skin

Dermafrac microneedling

Dermafrac is a 4 in 1 skin rejuvenation treatment that helps you achieve clearer, hydrated and healthier looking skin. 

Step one – crystal-free microdermabrasion helps to remove dead skin cells.

Step two – a microneedling session uses tiny needles to create micro punctures and stimulate your body’s natural healing process.

Step three – apply a deep tissue serum to tackle your brown spots or skin pigmentation issues. This helps to plump and rejuvenate your skin. 

Step four – use LED light therapy to target your specific skin concerns including redness, inflammation and breakouts. 

Benefits of this treatment

  •       Minimal downtime
  •       Personalised treatment to help you with your skin goals
  •       Course of treatments gives you healthy and glowing skin

Start your skin pigmentation treatment by booking a consultation.

Choose a skin specialist for skin pigmentation treatment in London 

When choosing a clinic to have your hyperpigmentation treatment, you want to select experts you can trust. At Skin Perfection in London, we have a team that has over 20 years’ experienceHyperpigmentation treatment London helping patients to achieve great-looking skin. This includes treating sun damage and other forms of unwanted skin pigmentation. 

We work alongside our patients to find the right treatment for their skin and areas of concern. Using only high-quality products, lasers and skin care treatments, ensures you get great results. From the moment you enter our London clinic, you will feel confident that you are in the hands of skin specialists who will always prioritise your care and well-being. 


How to find our London skin clinic


Our skin clinic is based in Oxford Circus, on Oxford Street, one of London’s busiest

shopping areas in the UK. We are within walking distance of Oxford Circus tube

station. The nearest mainline station is London Euston. 



21-22 Great Castle Street,

4th Floor,




Tel: 020 7629 4116

WhatsApp: 447591420257

Email: info@skinperfectionlondon.co.uk

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Tel: 020 7629 4116
WhatsApp: 447591420257
Email: info@skinperfectionlondon.co.uk