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Laser Back Hair Removal

Skin Perfection specialises in laser for back hair removal in London.

Grooming trends may come and go, but back hair is seldom in fashion. The hair coverage often extends to the shoulders, too, and many men prefer to remove it. 

You may have been using other temporary hair removal methods or just putting up with it, but Skin Perfection are the experts in laser hair removal in London and we offer a permanent solution.

Our highly trained laser practitioners use state-of-the-art Cynosure laser technology to give our clients excellent results for all skin types regardless of type or colour. 


Can males get laser hair removal?

Why should I remove my back hair?

Back hair in men is entirely natural, and if your back hair doesn’t bother you then it’s not a problem. However, some men feel self-conscious about hair on their back and shoulders while being happy to accept hair on their chest.

 Sportspeople find that back hair collects sweat, can cause itching and overheating if there’s enough of it. Sports massages can be uncomfortable as the hairs can get pulled. It must be said that if you spend a lot of time working on your musculature, a rug of hair will hide the results of your efforts! 

Why is laser a great way to remove hair from the back?

Waxing is expensive if you have it done at a salon and can irritate the skin. You may be able to get your partner to shave your back for you, but it is a never-ending task, and the process could cause ingrown hairs and put a strain on your relationship!   

The bottom line is that laser treatment is the only way to remove hair permanently. It is more expensive than waxing and shaving, but your expense is over for good once it is done. 

Why come to Skin Perfection for laser back hair removal? 

We are specialists in laser hair removal. We use medical-grade lasers and our laser hair removal practitioners are highly trained and experienced. Our lasers are made by Cynosure, an industry leader in ground-breaking lasers which has won awards for its innovative products. Our favourite laser is Cynosure’s ND YAG laser. This clever technology specifically targets the hair’s melanin rather than the skin, avoiding the hyperpigmentation or discolouration that some lasers can cause when used on Asian and Afro-Caribbean skin. 

Laser hair removal is only one of many beauty treatments that we offer.


How are lasers used to remove unwanted hair?

Lasers produce a pulse of light which is aimed deep into the hair follicles. The light damages the follicle, eventually making it unable to produce hair altogether. The laser beam needs to access the hair follicle easily, so you will be asked to shave your back before the treatment begins. 

Is back hair removal by laser painful?

You should not experience any pain. Some clients report a prickling sensation and heat, but this will be minimised by cool air from a fan used during the treatment. Your skin may feel a little sore afterward, and your practitioner will use aloe vera gel to soothe it. It will help if you avoid hot baths and showers, steam rooms, etc., for a few hours until your skin cools down. 

Back laser hair removal cost London 

Laser hair removal is priced by the session. The back is a large area and will require a relatively lengthy session. You may need six plus sessions to achieve the desired result. If you purchase a course rather than pay by the session, you will save money. You can find full details of prices here. Although laser hair removal may seem costly compared to other methods, remember that it is PERMANENT and that you won’t need to spend any money on hair removal ever again! 


How to find us 

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