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Microneedling Facial London

Take the guesswork out of achieving clear and radiant skin with a microneedling facial in London with the experts at Skin Perfection. 

Microneedling treatments are one of the best ways to see total skin rejuvenation. Not only does it tackle skin concerns such as acne scars, fine lines and wrinkles, but it also boosts your overall skin quality. 

At Skin Perfection, we use the Dermapen microneedling treatment. It is one of the most popular skin treatments for its ability to work on most skin types, as well as, providing a more natural way to stimulate the skin’s renewal process.  

As one of the leading laser and skin care clinics in London, you will be in safe hands at Skin Perfection. Our team of skilled practitioners have over 20 years of experience in helping our patients find the right treatments to reach their skin goals. From microneedling treatment to skin peels, we have you covered. 

Whether you are looking to reduce acne scarring, stretch marks or refresh dull skin, start your journey to healthier skin by booking a consultation at our London clinic.



What is Dermapen microneedling treatment?

Micro-needling or skin needling is a safe and effective way to improve the texture and tone of your skin. 

It is also known as collagen induction therapy as it uses tiny needles to create micro punctures in your skin. By doing this, it triggers your body’s natural wound-healing response, which includes collagen and elastin production. This results in brighter, firmer and healthier-looking skin. 

We use the Dermapen microneedling treatment as it is more precise than other micro-needling devices. This means we can customise the treatment to treat smaller areas of skin such as on your face and around your eyes. 

Dermapen micro-needling can also target and help treat more than one skin issue at a time. For example, it can help to reduce acne scars while also helping to firm sagging skin.


How does microneedling treatment work?

The first step in your micro-needling treatment will be to have a consultation with one of our practitioners. This is where we can get to know more about you and your skin concerns. We will also look at your medical history and assess whether you are suitable for microneedling. 

During the treatment, the Dermapen device will be held vertically over your skin. this allows the multiple tiny needles to penetrate your skin in short rapid movements. This helps to target the specific area of skin where your skin issue is.  

The Dermapen uses 12 tiny needles to create tiny punctures in the skin. Because the treatment is much quicker than other forms of microneedling, it is also less painful. It also causes less damage to the surface of your skin, which means that downtime is minimal.

By piercing the skin multiple times, the treatment encourages collagen production and new skin cells to form. Collagen is important for your skin as it is what helps give your skin its structure, strength and flexibility. 

You will start to see improvement in the tone and texture of your skin a couple of weeks after your treatment. This will continue to get better over time as the new collagen and elastin continue to form.

We do recommend having a course of micro-needling treatments to help you see optimal results. 

What are the main benefits of microneedling?

  •       Can help fade stretch marks
  •       Reduces acne scarring
  •       Minimises fine lines and wrinkles
  •       Helps with skin tightening and improving skin laxity
  •       Treating enlarged pores
  •       Reduces skin pigmentation issues
  •       Improves the overall texture of your skin

Contact us to find out how microneedling treatments can help improve the condition of your skin. 

Is microneedling painful?

Microneedling Facial LondonThe Dermapen treatment is a non-surgical procedure. Most of our patients find the treatment comfortable, which means we do not tend to use a numbing cream.

After your microneedling session, it is normal to experience redness in the treatment area. your skin may also be itchy and dry for the first day or two. Your practitioner will provide you with aftercare advice so that you can look after your skin and allow it to recover from treatment. 

Choose Skin Perfection for microneedling treatment in London

Welcome to Skin Perfection, the premier clinic in London for all your skincare needs. If you are looking for a solution to achieve flawless skin, our microneedling treatment is the answer you have been searching for. 

At Skin Perfection, we understand that everyone’s skin concerns are unique to them. That is why we tailor our microneedling treatments to address a wide range of skin issues. This helps us to provide you with the best possible results.  

We only use the latest tools and products to perform our treatments and we always follow industry protocols and standards. This way we can ensure that you always have a safe and comfortable treatment experience. Our experienced practitioners will guide you through each step of the treatment so that you can feel relaxed and confident in their capable hands.


How to find our London skin clinic 

You will find our clinic in one of the most popular and busiest shopping areas in London – Oxford Street. You can easily reach us via the city’s tube network. Our nearest station is 

Oxford Circus, which is only a two-minute walk from our clinic. 


21-22 Great Castle Street,

4th Floor,



Tel: 020 7629 4116

WhatsApp: 447591420257

Email: info@skinperfectionlondon.co.uk


Arriving by train

The nearest mainline station is Euston, and the Oxford Circus tube station is just a short walk away.


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