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August special offers

Save 50% off laser hair removal courses plus receive free courses on top

Say goodbye to your unwanted hair, waxing, ingrowing hair, razor, shaving rashes and other inconvenient hair removal methods once and for all. Its time you enjoy a smooth and silky skin all over. Laser hair removal will not only spare you from the pain, but will save you time and money in the long run. So it’s a win win. With quick and convenient treatment times you can see results after already the first session. It your turn to enjoy your hair free face and body.

Book before the 31st August to save 50% on laser hair removal courses + choose from the below offers.

Book  8 x top lip for £276 + receive 8 chin for FREE ( worth £276)
Book  8 x any bikini & underarms for £436 + receive 8 peri-anal for FREE( worth £276)
Book  8 x full legs for £756 + receive  8 underarms for FREE ( worth £340)
Book  8x half body with lower legs for  £996 + receive 8 peri-anal for FREE (worth £276)
Book  8x women’s full body excluding face for £1,596 + receive 8 top lip for FREE        (worth £276)
Book  8x full back & shoulders for £876 + receive 8 upper arms for FREE ( worth £436)
Book  8x upper half body for  £1,996 + receive 8 beard for FREE ( worth £436)

Terms and conditions apply.

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Laser hair removal August

Save up to 20% on skin treatment courses

Are you fed up of un even skin tone, scars, discolouration or stubborn breakouts?

Take charge over your skin and diminish any imperfections that are constantly sabotaging your confidence. Be proud and confident in your skin and let other envy you for your secret glow.

Book before the 31st August and save 20% off skin courses. Your skin will thank you for it.

Plus receive a course of 3 Dermalux led add facial for  FREE if you purchase a course of 6 skin treatments from any of the below:

Medical skin resurfacer peels for acne, pigmentation, scarring

Dermapen microneedling

Medical microndermabrasion

Terms and conditions apply.

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skin treatments

Save 20% off your first Hydro2facial course

First 5 patients to purchase a course will receive a complimentary "Healthy Skin Discovery Set" by Epionce

Does your skin look dull and tired? Does it lack a health glow and just in a desperate need of a good cleanse? Does your reflection scream for hydration and a deep exfoliation?
We’ve got you covered. Remove blackheads and congestion. Clear, hydrate and brighten your skin in as little as 30minutes with minimal downtime and no pain involved. 
With 3d Hydr02facial you will receive a deep cleansing, exfoliation, oxygenation, hydration, tightening to your skin. No wonder celebrities can’t stop raving about this amazing treatment. At Skin Perfection you will be the star at each of your visit that will leave your skin feel and look fabulous.

Book before the 31st August and receive 20% off 3d Hydro2facial courses + the first 5 patients to book a course of 8 hydro2 facial will receive a complimentary travel skin care set from Epionce. 

Terms and conditions apply.

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3d hydro2facial

Why choose Skin Perfection

  • At Skin Perfection you can be sure to be in safe hands all the way along your journey while undergoing the life changing experience of advanced skin treatments.
  • Your journey starts with an in-depth analysis of your skin. This allows your practitioner to set up a personalised treatment protocol tailored around your skin’s need and life style.
  • In order to deliver optimal results you will only be treated by the latest and most advanced medical-grade equipment & products
  • You can feel confident that whatever your skin concern, Skin Perfection London will deliver safe and effective results with specialised FDA approved medical grade procedures
  • Your journey is our priority. During your treatment we take the time to make you feel safe and look after you until we deliver the skin that you have always dreamt of.

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