Have you got your summer holidays sorted? How about your hair?

Let’s prepare your body for the bikini season now. No more embarrassing hair, no more shaving and no more time wasted on hair removal. Start 2022 hair free and choose from our patient’s favourite treatments on special offer until the 31st January.

6 full legs, full bikini and underarms for only £1,099 (was £1,968)
6 half face for only £390 and get your front neck included free ( was £774)
6 any bikini + 2 medium areas (navel, underarms or peri-anal) for only £499 ( was £1,134)
6 full back and shoulders for only £899 ( was £1,674)
6x full back, shoulders, chest and abdomen for only £1,199 (was £2,394)

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Book a course of 6 Dermaquest peels and receive your Sheer Zinc SPF30 FREE ( normal price £49)

Have your skin goals made it to the new year’s resolution list? Have you had enough of acne, oily skin and never ending breakouts?

Let’s start 2022 with a fresh, new and healthy skin, clear of the imperfections and make it the year where you fall in love with your skin again.

Book before the 31st January.

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Photofacial skin rejuvenation is the solution to transform your skin and reveal your true glowing complexion that you truly deserve and desire.

Book before the 31st January and receive 20% off courses + a free skin recovery kit to take home to use after each treatment.

Would you like to start the new year with a fresh new look, that doesn’t include pigmentation, sun-damage and discolouration to your skin?

Have you been dreaming of a clear and even complexion that makes you look a million dollars?

No blemishes, no marks, no filter to apply on your photos and no make up before you leave the house?

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Why choose Skin Perfection

  • At Skin Perfection you can be sure to be in safe hands all the way along your journey while undergoing the life changing experience of advanced skin treatments.
  • Your journey starts with an in-depth analysis of your skin. This allows your practitioner to set up a personalised treatment protocol tailored around your skin’s need and life style.
  • In order to deliver optimal results you will only be treated by the latest and most advanced medical-grade equipment & products
  • You can feel confident that whatever your skin concern, Skin Perfection London will deliver safe and effective results with specialised FDA approved medical grade procedures
  • Your journey is our priority. During your treatment we take the time to make you feel safe and look after you until we deliver the skin that you have always dreamt of.

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