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Rosacea laser treatment in London

Don’t let redness and sensitivity caused by rosacea leave your skin looking stressed. With rosacea laser treatment in London, you can calm and soothe your symptoms, while also helping your skin to look fresher and brighter.  

Here at Skin Perfection, you’ll be in the hands of our experts who have years of experience treating rosacea. As a leading skin clinic in London, we use safe and effective treatments to address our patients’ skin concerns.

With our laser facial treatments, we’ll help you reduce the symptoms of rosacea. So, you’ll see less facial flushing, thickened skin and visible blood vessels.


What does rosacea look like?

IPL Rosacea treatment

Rosacea is an inflammatory skin condition that mainly affects the face. It tends to show itself as a flushing and blushing of the skin and the appearance of visible blood vessels. Rosacea sufferers may also develop small pus-filled spots that can mimic the look of acne. 

You mainly see rosacea across the central areas of your face; however, it can also appear on other areas of the body including the neck and chest.

What triggers a rosacea flare-up?

Anyone who suffers from rosacea knows how sensitive your skin can get. This means that your skin is more vulnerable to factors that can trigger rosacea flare-ups.

Common factors leading to rosacea flare-ups include:

  • Sun exposure
  • Stress or anxiety
  • Alcohol consumption
  • The weather including heat and cold
  • Hairspray
  • Spicy foods

The causes of a rosacea flare-up can be different for everyone. It’s important to understand what your triggers are and avoid them. Not only will it reduce flare-ups, but it can also help your practitioner find an effective treatment for you.

Can you get rid of rosacea permanently?

There is no cure for rosacea. However, it’s not all bad news. There are ways to help reduce the symptoms of rosacea including inflamed skin, redness and bumps. A safe and effective treatment for people with rosacea is IPL laser treatment. This helps to calm symptoms and make them more manageable.

IPL rosacea treatment

Lasers are the most widely used facial treatments for rosacea. This is because laser treatments help with reducing symptoms with minimal chance of damaging the skin. IPL treatment is most effective when your rosacea has caused the appearance of visible blood vessels and thickened skin.

Our laser practitioners will help you find the right treatment for you. Your treatment plan may include a course of IPL laser treatment on its own, or a combination of treatments. Our experts will tailor your treatment package to meet your specific skin needs and what will give you the best results. 

By the end of your journey with us, you’ll leave with clearer, calmer, and stress-free skin.

Laser photo facial skin rejuvenation 

Intense pulsed light, otherwise known as IPL treatment, is a safe and effective way to help combat rosacea symptoms. Intense pulsed light works to calm redness and reduce inflammation. Another benefit is that IPL treats uneven skin tones and reduces spots caused by rosacea.

Traditional IPL treatment focusses on treating one skin condition at a time. An example of this is laser tattoo removal or laser hair removal. Laser photo facial is a form of intense pulsed light treatment that can target several skin conditions in one treatment.

What does the treatment involve?

Laser photo facial treatment uses broad beams of intense light energy. This warms the surface of the skin to stimulate the skin’s natural renewal process. The broken blood vessels caused by rosacea absorb the light from the IPL treatment to start the healing process.

After IPL laser treatment your skin may look red and the veins more visible. This will start to fade within the first two weeks of your treatment. With a course of laser treatment, facial redness, inflammation and spots caused by rosacea will start to clear. From this, you will enjoy a more even skin tone and a brighter complexion.

An added benefit of this IPL treatment is that it can also help soften fine lines and wrinkles. This is because it helps to boost collagen production. What’s more, the heat from the laser also helps tighten your skin and reduce open pores.

Boosting the effects of IPL rosacea treatment

At your consultation, you will also have a skin health check. This helps us understand more about your rosacea and skin condition. The results from this will also allow our practitioners to develop a tailored treatment plan to address your skin concerns.

Our patients often combine IPL rosacea treatment with skin peels to boost their results. This is because peels are great for skin rejuvenation by removing top layers of damaged skin. We may also recommend LED light therapy, which uses light energy to stimulate the skin’s natural renewal process. It also helps with calming redness and inflamed skin.


IPL treatments FAQs

How many IPL rosacea treatment sessions will I need? 

The number of IPL rosacea treatments you will need depends on your skin concerns. Generally, we recommend at least six sessions of rosacea treatment to ensure you get the best results.

As everyone responds to treatment differently, a skin health check will determine what course of treatment will work best for you. This may be IPL laser treatment on its own, or a combination of laser treatment with skin peels.

The results of your laser rosacea treatment can last up to 12 months. We do advise having top-up treatments every two months. This will help maintain your laser results. Take a look at the results from some of our patients here.

Are all skin types suitable for rosacea treatment?

Not all skin types are suited to laser rosacea treatment. Laser photo facial is only suitable for fair skin and light skin types. If you have darker skin tones, you won’t be suitable for IPL laser treatment.

At your consultation, our practitioner will do a patch test to see whether your skin is right for laser treatment. You will require a patch test at least 24-48 hours before starting treatment. If your patch test reveals you are not suitable for IPL rosacea treatment, we will discuss other treatment options with you.

Please get in touch with our team to ask any questions about your skin type and whether laser rosacea treatment is right for you.

Skin Perfection for laser rosacea treatments

With so many different rosacea treatments out there, how do you know which ones are safe and effective? This is where Skin Perfection can help. We’re a team of rosacea specialists who are skilled in finding the right treatment that will work for you.

We understand that rosacea impacts each person differently. This is why we do not have a one size fits all approach on how to treat rosacea. During a free consultation, we’ll talk you through the available treatment options. This will allow your practitioner to create a bespoke treatment plan to help you achieve great results.

As one of London’s leading skin and laser clinics, our rosacea specialists will help you in your journey to clearer skin. In as little as 24 hours after your first treatment, we can help you see a visible reduction in redness and broken blood vessels.


How to find our skin clinic in London

We are easy to find in Oxford Circus at the junction of Oxford Street and Regent Street.  Oxford Street is the world’s longest high street with over a mile of stores giving you the opportunity to hit the shops before or after your treatment.



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Arriving by train

The nearest mainline station is Euston, and the Oxford Circus tube station is a short walk away.




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