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Rosacea Treatment Prices

Laser photo-facial rejuvenation - PALOMAR LASER
AreaSingle treatment
(pay as you go)
Course of 6 treatments 20% OFF (recommended for new patients)
Lower arms£215£115
Single lesions£109£58
Notes * June only. Terms & conditions apply. Prices are subject to purchasing in a course.One session every 2 to 4 weeks. Suitable for skin types 1 to very light 4, to treat redness (flushing / blushing) and rosacea, acne, sun-damage, freckles and mottled skin, broken veins.
Can be combined with skin peels to boost the results. If combining, the laser treatment is carried out first, then the peel: interval period of 4 weeks between treatments.
LED light therapy
LightSingle treatmentCourse of 6 treatments
(anti-ageing, collagen stimulation)
(reduces breakouts, clears bacteria under the skin)
Notes * June only. Terms & conditions apply. Prices are subject to purchasing in a course.
Dermaquest skin peels - Targeted solutions for every skin
Skin peelSingle treatmentCourse of 6 treatments 20% OFF
Primary Pumpkin£95£76
Power Pumpkin£95£76
Glycolic 30% or 40%£95£76
Lactic Acid Resurfacer£95£76
Mango Brite Resurfacer£95£76
Salicylic Peel£115£92
Modified Jessners Peel£115£92
TCA and SA Peel£165£132
Skin Brite Peel£115£92
Power PEPTIDE Res£115£92
Notes * June only. Terms & conditions apply. Prices are subject to purchasing in a course.Suitable for more targeted skin concerns, and only available after a skin test patch and consent 24 hours before treatment. Preparation is essential (the preparation kit you need will depend on your skin type).The downtime for advanced peels is between 7 and 10 days following treatment. Resurfacers need slightly less downtime.. You may also need a post-treatment kit.
Epionce skin peels- We deliver the beauty of healthy skin
TypeDescriptionSingle treatmentCourse of 6 treatments 20% OFF (recommended)
Epionce Lite RefreshEntry-level skin peel, and for very red and inflamed skin, acne and rosacea. Also suitable for general skin health, with minimal or no other concerns.£85£68
Course of 4 treatments 20% OFF (recommended)
Epionce CorrectivesNext-level, medium-strength skin peel, for mild to moderate acne, sun damage or skin ageing.£105£84
Notes * June only. Terms & conditions apply. Prices are subject to purchasing in a course.If starting with Epionce Correctives, your skin will need preparation for between 2 and 4 weeks using Epionce Renewal cream or lotion depending on your skin type.


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