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Can you go in the sun during laser hair removal?

The short answer is no, you can not go in the sun during laser hair removal. One of the most sought after questions, given it’s the long awaited summer time. Once it’s time to wear those shorts and bikini again, more and more patients decide to have a quick read more

Will laser hair removal work on blonde hair?

Will laser hair removal work on blonde hair? Unfortunately the answer is no when it comes to blonde hair and laser hair removal. But who is suitable and why the treatment won’t work if you’ve blonde hair? Laser hair removal basics Laser hair removal has come a long way read more

Can you do laser hair removal every day?

Laser hair removal is a totally different concept to any other hair removal methods you have tried in the past. Until you understand how laser hair removal works and why is it effective you may assume it’s similar to waxing or other temporary hair removal methods. There are many read more

Why laser hair removal is the best?

There’s been much hype about laser hair removal in recent years. And you must know a handful of people who’ve tried the treatment at least once. And who’ll also testify how amazing the treatment is. So let’s see why laser hair removal is the best?  Advanced laser hair removal read more

Best laser hair removal for men

When it comes to hair removal, it’s not only the female who opt for a hair free body. More and more male patients wonder if laser hair removal is suitable for men? Just like you can shave, wax, epilate, male patients are suitable for laser hair removal too. But read more

Why laser hair removal is worth it?

When you first hear laser hair removal you’re quire right to question why is laser hair removal worth it? Why is it better than other hair removal methods? And it is expensive? Well, there are many different reasons that make laser hair removal super convenient. I can tell you read more

Can you go in the sun after laser hair removal?

During  laser hair removal consultation one of the first questions patients are eager to find out is the sun exposure during laser hair removal? Can you go in the sun before and after laser hair removal? How long do you have to wait? And why it’s important to keep read more

What laser hair removal does?

What laser hair removal does? How does it work? And why is it different from other hair removal methods? These are usually the first questions my patients ask during their first enquiry into laser hair removal. And it’s natural to do so. I can’t emphasise enough how important it’s read more

How laser hair removal changed my life?

Once you reach puberty your body starts changing and you’re blessed with excess body and in some cases facial hair. If I knew in my early teens how laser hair removal will change my life, I would’ve counted down the days until I was introduced to laser treatments. So read more

Laser hair removal for the face

Laser hair removal for the face is one of the most popular treatments at Skin Perfection London. When it comes to the face, laser works the same way as it does on any other parts of the body. Because facial hair is a result of hormonal imbalance in female read more

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