Laser hair removal without shaving

Can you do laser hair removal without shaving? No you shouldn’t!  First of all it’s important to understand how laser hair removal works and how shaving comes in to play? Most likely you’re confused at this too and the first question that will pop into mind is why do read more

Why laser hair removal doesn’t work?

Why laser hair removal doesn’t work for you? Have you been struggling to achieve the desired results? Do you feel let down by the promise of hair free, smooth skin? When it comes to laser hair removal there are certain factors which can determine the final outcome. Some of read more

Laser hair removal to use at home

Is laser hair removal safe to use at home? And which machine is recommended for laser hair removal for home use? The quickest answer to these questions without any doubt is NONE! Laser hair removal to use at home After spending 9 months in lockdowns, no wonder if you read more

Can you pluck after laser hair removal?

When you prepare for your first laser hair removal treatment you may still have questions  that you’re unsure about. And these are important to address and clarify as some innocent daily habits could’ve a direct impact on the outcome of your laser hair removal treatment. One of these questions read more

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