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How do you fix sun damaged skin?

The best way to avoid sun damage is always prevention. But let’s be honest, in most cases the damage happens at a young age. At the age where we never really consider that besides the golden tan, the sun can do serious damage to our skin. Although you can’t read more

What causes sun damage?

Years of sun exposure can have a damaging effect on your skin. Although the answer may be obvious, it’s not something you tend to think about until after you reach a more mature age. What causes sun damage? What is sun damage? Is it preventable? And is it reversible? read more

When does pigmentation occur?

What is pigmentation? And when does pigmentation occur? Can you prevent it? Or reverse it if you already have it?  Pigmentation is when you notice patches of your skin appear darker than the rest of the skin.  When does pigmentation occur? Pigmentation occurs when your skin produces more melanin. read more

Can pigmentation be removed?

Can pigmentation be removed? And  what are the most effective treatments? You may be wondering if there’s one treatment that’ll work on all  types of pigmentation. The answers are yes and no. Yes, pigmentation can be removed. But no. There isn’t one specific treatment that’ll work for everyone.  Your read more

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