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Terms and conditions

Skin Perfection payments and booking

Before booking any appointment, Skin Perfection require the full payment of any consultation or treatment if booking individually.

If booking a course to receive discount at time of booking we request half the payment then the remainder at your second visit thats over £500. For what ever reason you are unable to pay the remainder amount at your second visit, Skin Perfection have the right to invoice you which must be paid immediately for the individual sessions you have had.

If any future appointments have been made on the course which you have not paid for, these will be cancelled immediately and removed off the clinic schedule with no notice given. Please ensure payment agreement is kept to avoid any disappointment or disruption to your treatment plan.

All appointment cancellations or if our patients need to reschedule, please note we follow a strict 48 hour notice policy. Anybody that shows to breach this policy continuously or doesn’t show up for their treatment will be charged the full amount of the appointment or it will be redeemed off their treatment course.

All new patients receiving treatments for either skin or laser require a consultation and test patch regardless if you have had treatment elsewhere. This is to ensure you are suitable with our lasers, products and treatments. We can also assess your suitability and what treatment plan and settings will be best for you individually.

For all skin and laser treatments and to be treated at Skin Perfection, ALL customers must be 18 years or older. Any body that looks underage will be asked for photographic ID.

If paying and setting up payment plans, you are required to agree to a signed agreement which details your payment plan, the deposit that is required and the monthly instalments that what ever card details you authorise as a pre-payment, will be deducted out at the agreed date each month until the agreement is over.

If for whatever reason your card defaults or the payment was not taken successfully, Skin Perfection reserve the right to invoive you individually for the treatments you have had, which usually works out more expensive and any fees from the card merchant for the payments bouncing will be invoiced to you also. If any details change on the card it is your duty to inform Skin Perfection Ltd.

Refunds and exchanges

Skin perfection do not honour any refunds however at managers discretion may offer a exchange if found suitable after 14 days of purchase. No refunds or exchanges of products that have been opened or unsealed.

Offers and refer a friend

We cannot grant any offers in conjunction with other offers so patients must use up one or the other.

Skin Perfection do not honour refunds from any social living platforms including, wowcher, treatwell, groupon etc. If you for what ever reason purchased a voucher and you require a refund please contact the merchant you purchased them from directly.

If anybody is on or changes their medication they must notify the clinic immediately and 48 hours before their appointment is due, just incase it prevents your treatment from taking place. In most cases antibiotics have to be completed and patients must be off them for at least 2 weeks. They will also need re test patching to ensure they do not experience any adverse reactions.

If any patients lapse and do not receive any laser treatment for six moths or more, will need retest patching and consenting.

We do not carry out any laser treatments on any one that is pregnant or breastfeeding. If you are on a voucher, unfortunately the voucher will become invalid upon the expiry date and cannot be used after. If you have paid directly through the clinic, as soon as you notify us, we put your course on hold and you commence as soon as your pregnancy has completed and you have stopped breast feeding.

If patients are going on holiday we ask them to follow our company protocol to ensure all treatments carried out respond the best and safe way, preventing any adverse reactions. This includes any exposure to the sun, sunbathing, using tanning beds or fake tan.

If going on holiday we require six weeks gap before going into the sun and six weeks gap after, from the last day of sun exposure. When you have waited six weeks the areas that have been exposed and you require treating, if they were exposed, needs re test patching. Please advise the clinic in which we can schedule your appointments around your holidays. Sun beds and fake tan are prohibited whilst having laser treatments.

Please note if you are on a voucher of any kind this will reduce the amount of sessions you have as it will interrupt your treatment plan. The months that you have to wait will be deducted as treatments must be taken at intervals of every four weeks. If you are going on holiday or tanning this will mean you loose the sessions that should have been booked that month and the voucher will become invalid upon the expiry date. Please ensure you plan your treatments correctly or you are able to cover the treated areas with SPF.50 and clothing so that you can continue your treatments every four weeks rather than loosing that monthly session.

Please click here to download our client guide which contains all the formalities of the company and extra information that may be able to assist you with further queries. If something is not listed, please be sure to contact the clinic.

Skin Perfection Ltd

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4th Floor,

Tel: 020 7629 4116
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Registered company number: 08037198

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Skin Perfection Ltd

21-22 Great Castle Street,
4th Floor,

Tel: 020 7629 4116
WhatsApp: 447591420257
Email: info@skinperfectionlondon.co.uk