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Why you should visit a reputable clinic for laser hair removal (what can go wrong)

Laser hair removal is now considered one of the most effective and popular methods to permanently reduce unwanted hair on the face and the body. Both men and women can undergo the treatment and, depending on the laser device used, most skin types can be treated with this technology. Unlike painful waxing, laborious shaving and smelly creams used to temporarily rid us of the unwanted frizz, laser hair removal is fast to administer, relatively inexpensive and can get rid of excess hair on a long-term basis.

Too good to be true?

It’s important when choosing your laser hair removal clinic, that you know some of the pitfalls and potential risks of this treatment, before you go ahead and book in your first session. Choosing a clinic which is ill-equipped with sub-standard laser machines and staff that are improperly trained to administer this treatment, could put you and your skin at risk.

Firstly, let’s look in to how laser hair removal works …

Laser hair removal is a device-led treatment, where specially select pulses of light are emitted in to the hair follicles, destroying them. It gradually thins and weakens the hair until growth retards and in many cases, up to 95% of the hair can be permanently reduced. The laser light pulses are specially selected to suit the individual’s skin and hair type and in some instances, it might not be suitable for a patient to be exposed to a certain laser light if the machine used isn’t suited to their skin type.

If the wrong setting is used, the treatment may not be powerful enough to remove the unwanted hair or worst still, the laser light selected could end up burning the skin and leaving unsightly scars.

The right machines

With so much demand for this innovative treatment, no wonder there are thousands of beauty establishments and so-called specialist clinics all vying for our business when it comes to laser hair removal. A high-quality laser hair removal device will cost many thousands of pounds and many clinics and salons simply do not have the funds to purchase them. So, in wanting to get in on the act, they might try to cut corners, purchasing devices that aren’t approved as medical-grade or indeed aren’t powerful enough or carry the right CE marks or FDA approval.

What’s more, the training that comes with these cheaper devices may be substandard or non-existent! Meaning that the therapists undertaking the treatment don’t fully-understand the machine and its potential risks.

At Skin Perfection London, we only use medical-grade lasers of the highest-quality for our laser hair removal treatments and offer the award-winning Cynosure Elite+ and Apogee + class 4 laser. Established in 1991, Cynosure is the world leader in aesthetic laser devices and create safe, innovative and efficacious procedures for the treatment of hair removal, skin lesions, ageing skin, fat removal and tattoo removal. The superior technology and multi-wavelength energies means that we can treat a range of skin and hair types with very little discomfort or downtime.

The right skills

All our practitioners are fully-qualified and highly-trained in laser hair removal so that we can assess your individual needs, requirements, skin and hair type and can recommend the most effective and safe settings for efficacy of treatment as well as your comfort and wellbeing.

We take your safety extremely seriously and believe that our exacting standards and superior quality equipment is what keeps our reputation sky high, with thousands of our happy patients all enjoying smoother, sexier skin for good.

The best laser hair removal

When it comes to laser hair removal, don’t accept cheap alternatives as you may end up paying more in the long run or worse still, being left with the physical scars of laser burn. If you want a safe and effective treatment with beautifully smooth results, come and speak with an expert here at Skin Perfection London to discuss how we can help you.

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